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Keep Secure Your Mac Device

Mackeeper help you to protect your device by virus, anti-malware, disk cleanup, and that is one of the best performance optimization tool.

apple watch

Apple Watch

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iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini

For iMac users, MacBook Air users, MacBook Pro and Mac mini all the device are very helpful for you. And we are proud to assist you at the time of you need. The support is only way to connect each other with strong bound. So mackeeper support is available 24×7.



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MacKeeper Design

Discover the beautifully crafted design of MacKeeper. Enhance your Mac experience with its user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and powerful features. Try MacKeeper today empowering you to optimize your Mac’s performance and protect it from security threats.

MacKeeper Features

Security: MacKeeper includes a comprehensive set of security tools to protect your Mac from malware, viruses, and other online threats.

Performance Optimization: The software helps improve your Mac’s performance by cleaning up unnecessary files, optimizing system settings, and managing startup items.

Privacy Protection: MacKeeper safeguards your privacy by offering features such as private browsing, data encryption, and secure file deletion.

Data Recovery: In case of accidental file deletion or data loss, MacKeeper provides a data recovery feature that can help you retrieve lost files and restore them to their original location.

Anti-Theft: MacKeeper includes an anti-theft feature that helps track and locate your Mac if it gets stolen.

Update Tracker: This feature keeps track of the latest software updates for your installed applications and notifies you when updates are available.

MacKeeper Troubleshooting Tips

Update MacKeeper: Make sure you have the latest version of MacKeeper installed on your Mac. Updates often contain bug fixes and improvements that can resolve common issues.

Reboot your Mac: At times, a simple restart can rectify minor glitches or conflicts. Close all active applications, locate the Apple menu, and select “Restart” to initiate the process.

Check your internet connection: MacKeeper relies on a stable internet connection to offer its diverse features. Confirm that your internet connection is reliable and attempt the operation again.

Disable conflicting applications: Other security software or system utilities may conflict with MacKeeper. Temporarily disable any antivirus or firewall software and check if the issue persists.

Clear cache and temporary files: Over time, accumulated cache and temporary files can cause performance issues. Open MacKeeper and navigate to the “Cleaning” tab to clear out unnecessary files.

MacKeeper Support

Email Support: You can email MacKeeper support at the email address provided on their website. Write a detailed description of your issue and include any relevant information to help them understand and assist you better.

Live Chat: MacKeeper may offer a live chat feature on their website. Look for a chat icon or a “Chat with us” button to initiate a live chat session with a support representative. This option allows for real-time communication and immediate assistance.

Support Ticket: Some support systems use ticketing systems. Look for a “Submit a Ticket” option on the support page. Fill in the required information, describe your issue, and submit the ticket.